Keeping hot springs at their best
Sustainable onsen spa management

Even the most luxurious of onsen spas is of little use if bathers do not experience the beneficial properties and effects of the hot spring waters. To deliver a true onsen experience, each component and piece of equipment in the facility must be regularly screened and evaluated for performance, maintenance, and malfunctions to ensure that they are in the best possible condition.

Take, for example, the all-important hot spring well, which is the source of the natural spring water. The well’s borehole must be regularly cleaned, a task called “dredging.” Maintaining the well, including inspecting and replacing hot water and air pipes installed in the borehole, as well maintaining the submerged pumps and compressors that power the hot water pump, is not only a very complicated process that is difficult to understand, but also requires the services of multiple contractors.

Spa owners may not be fully satisfied with their contractor, and they can sometimes resent not fully understanding the process or approach the contractor uses, but many feel that they have no choice but to rely on conventional contractors. Senon consolidates the complicated tasks of maintaining and preserving hot spring wells under one roof, explaining each step of the process and construction in a way that spa owners can easily understand. We service not only the onsen spas we build ourselves, but also those built by other companies. With a single company taking care of all of these complex processes, onsen spa owners can enjoy the peace of mind they need to concentrate on running their business.

Aboveground spa facilities require maintenance, as well. These facilities include an array of filters, heat exchangers and other equipment, which vary widely in terms of function, performance, and manufacturer. Understanding and handling all of these different components requires a great deal of expertise and experience. Further, sterilization, sanitation, and other measures to eliminate bacteria like Legionella cannot be neglected.

Our goal is to deliver an outstanding bath experience. We do this by ensuring that spa systems are always in top shape, a responsibility that requires every Senon employee to continually improve our skills. More than any other company, Senon is unrivaled in our pursuit of what people are truly looking for in a hot spring spa, and we offer sustainable spa management to ensure onsen spas deliver what their guests want.