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When it comes to conceptualizing, planning, and consulting on onsen spa facilities, different people have different ideas.

At Senon, maximizing hot spring potential is the top priority in our planning and solution services. This starts with asking the right questions: Which equipment is best? What’s the right system? In particular, just because there is an abundance of hot spring water at a site, is a free-flowing onsen system that does not reuse bath water really the best approach. What about systems that filter out the beneficial properties of the hot spring water and require large amounts of fossil fuels to operate? 

At Senon, we know that any onsen design concept must be firmly rooted in a philosophy of using only what is needed when it is needed. This is the key to avoiding waste of precious hot spring resources. Consultation services for onsen spa businesses must be based on a thorough understanding of hot springs, as well as a wealth of experience, strong track record, and comprehensive knowledge of the field. We are confident that our many decades of focusing exclusively on onsen spa facilities give us an unmatched advantage. We invite you to compare us against any of our competitors.

Japan’s onsen culture traces its beginnings back to the seyoku bath culture of the Nara and Heian periods (710 – 1185). Evolving, changing, and, as the economy grew, incorporating the country’s natural hot springs, Japan’s bathing culture developed into the unique onsen culture we see today. At Senon, we are committed to preserving this special, uniquely Japanese onsen culture for future generations.

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