Providing Better Spas for Bathing
A system sensitive to natural hot springs’ full potential

With natural hot springs, it is widely believed, the ideal approach involves “adding nothing and taking nothing out.”
Such an approach is taken with what are known as “free-flowing” springs. Yet are these “free-flowing” springs actually as ideal as commonly believed?
Certainly if the spring is endowed with such an abundant water source as to be considered “inexhaustible,” the “free-flowing” approach may indeed be the best. That said, however, there is another approach that can be used with so-called “mock free-flowing” springs that contain a slight amount of natural hot spring water.
These spa facilities — especially those employing filtration and circulation systems — may not enjoy the best reputation.

Did you realize, however, that the technology for such spa equipment has evolved considerably over just the past decade and now offers high performance in compact sizes? Or even beyond that, that these filtration and circulation systems have the functional capacity to leave the hot springs’ natural makeup intact, removing only organic matter and impurities other than the spring water’s natural components?

Filtration and circulation systems also carry connotations of “filtering out,” actually removing the natural hot springs components themselves. This kind of distinction can be seen just considering the case of filtration devices, and it is not hard to imagine with other equipment involved with spa facilities either.
Another consideration is that the information obtainable from a hot spring water sample is of crucial importance in constructing systems for spa facilities. The reason for this is that there exist over 3,000 types of hot springs, and each of these varies in its composition. These differences in makeup mean that the adaptability to a particular hot spring must be carefully considered for both the equipment and materials to be used. Deciphering the detailed analysis of a hot spring water sample to accomplish this requires a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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