About Senon

 Do you have a company brochure?
 We do not have a specific company brochure. We have provided this website instead of a company brochure. We took this approach to avoid environmental impact.

 What are your business hours?
 Business hours are 9.00 to 18.00. Please contact us using our inquiry form.

 Where are your head office and business office located?

 They are located in Yugawaramachi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan — a historic place written about in the ancient Manyoshu collection of waka poetry.

 What officers does the company have?

 We have one Representative Director and two Directors.

 What is your annual revenue?

 In fiscal 2019, our annual revenue was about 60 million yen.

 Do you have a catalogue?

 We do not provide a specific catalogue. The reason for this is because spa systems are as varied as hot spring water is, and the requests of owners are also diverse. Therefore, we consider each system and prepare and submit proposals in the hope of giving a detailed explanation that satisfies the individual owner. Prior to construction, we submit specifications for each piece of equipment and obtain confirmation before building. We also strive to be paperless in consideration of the global environment.

 Please explain your initiatives to address environmental issues.

 Senon is serious about addressing environmental issues. None of the approximately 20,000 hot spring sites all over Japan are inexhaustible. All of them are finite, precious hot springs. Recently “natural hot springs that flow steadily, directly from the source, with no reuse of the water” have been extolled, but are they really good for the global environment? The people on the Senon team have been involved in hot springs work for around 30 years. We look at hot springs only, and we have seriously addressed ways of utilizing hot springs and the construction of systems. One of our conclusions is the need to identify hot springs with the circular recycling society, which led us to our innovative “sustainable spa management” approach. For example, instead of systems that use fossil fuels to maintain the right temperature, emitting CO2, we constantly consider environmental issues when designing and constructing our spa facility systems. This includes systems that use the heat of the hot spring to maintain the right temperature, or systems that use the heat of the hot spring to supply clean water for rinsing. This means that we only use as much water as needed, when needed, and never waste a single drop.

 Do you keep the details of your commissions confidential with non-disclosure agreements.

 Yes. We have already exchanged non-disclosure agreements with several facilities and owners.

 Please explain your staffing systems.

 We have the full range of hot spring drilling and spa facility and maintenance systems, which includes spa facility designers. We can provide full support from the initial original designs for hot spring development through spa maintenance after the facilities have actually started operations.

Business Description

 We are planning a new spa business. Can you design spa facilities?
 We provide support for everything related to spas. We can handle everything from excavation, surveys, and hot spring drilling through hot spring connection work and design consulting and construction for spa facilities. We specialize in spas only, and have an extensive track record. We provide the kind of tailored design, planning, and spa consulting that is only available from a true spa specialist.

 Control of residual chlorine concentration is difficult. I am concerned about controlling Legionella.

 We want more people to enjoy wonderful spas. We want to create spa facilities that more people will use. This is what all spa owners want. If a facility does well, the hygiene risk becomes proportionately greater. It is a very troubling problem. To solve this problem, the first step is to understand the mechanism of Legionella accurately. Then it is important to install the appropriate sterilization system. Also, with too much emphasis on hygiene, the chlorine odor can be a concern. You don’t want to create a chlorine odor, but you do want to firmly maintain the residual chlorine concentration. This may seem like a paradox, but you can trust Senon to resolve it. We are spa specialists with an extensive record of achievement, experience and knowledge in Legionella control. We are certain we will deliver what you want.

 Spa facility operating costs are too high, and I am looking for ways to reduce them.

 We offer a cost reduction system that uses hot spring heat as well as design and construction of systems to produce hot water supply without the wasteful use of fossil fuels. We also have systems and equipment for reducing operating costs based on existing facilities. We listen to the requests of owners and submit cost reduction simulation materials and system diagrams based on current hot spring supply volume, hot spring temperature, and component analysis tables. We are convinced that Senon’s spa facility design satisfies spa facility owners as well as enriching and creating new vigor in the lives of the people who use the spas.

 I have already installed spa facilities. Another vendor is providing maintenance, but I feel that the vendor replaces equipment that does not need to be replaced, and I do not trust them.

 We cannot say anything without actually doing an on-site study. However, even when a product is from another company, we use it without any changes so long as there are no particular problems. We only propose improving parts and equipment that definitely need to be updated or replaced. Even in that case, we try to proceed with improvement works based on an easy-to-understand improvement proposal that satisfies the owner.

 What is your greatest strength?
 We have strengths in virtually everything related to hot springs. If there is one area we do not particularly specialize in, it is the plumbing and sanitation work and air conditioning equipment associated with spa facilities.

 Can you maintain equipment from other manufacturers?

 Yes. We have an extensive track record, knowledge, and experience with various manufacturers’ equipment.

 Are there any limits on the areas where you can work?

 There are no specific limits. Before carrying out work, we submit a quote and ensure you are satisfied with it before starting. In fiscal 2019, we concluded and implemented a spa consulting agreement for a spa facility plan near Halong Bay in Vietnam. If you are located far away, business travel expenses will be your responsibility. However, in those cases, we consult and meet with the facility owner and respond flexibly in terms of costs, so please feel free to contact us.

 I’d like to know about your track record in construction.

 Please refer to track record in construction here.

About Business Discussions
 I am still at the planning stage, but can I get your advice?

 Yes. Even in those cases, we submit a simple spa system diagram and a quotation free of charge. Please feel free to contact us.

 What if I would like to have a meeting?

 Please contact us using the inquiry form on our website.

 I am located a long distance away. Can you accommodate me?

 Yes. Depending on the distance, we may have to charge for the actual transportation expenses, but please feel free to contact us.

 Do you offer on-site repair services?

 Yes. In such cases, it helps if there are photographs to show the repairs needed.

 Can you participate in competitive quotes?
 Yes. Please feel free to contact us.

 What if I don’t have a very big budget?

 We propose spa facilities and systems in accordance with the budgets and requests of owners. Please feel free to contact us.

 Can I place an order for maintenance only?

 Yes. Please ask us anything about maintenance of spa facilities.

 Can you provide proposals for reducing costs?

 Yes. We prepare and submit improvement proposals.

 I’d like to know the timeframe from placing an order to delivery.

 Delivery timing varies greatly depending on the product. Please contact us about specific products.

About Amenities

 Do you provide samples?
 It may be possible to provide samples depending on the product. Please feel free to contact us.

 Is it possible to place small lot orders?

 Yes, but it depends on the product, so please contact us first.

 What are your warranty conditions and after-sales follow up like?

 Spa facility equipment comes with a one year warranty as a general rule. We will also answer all questions like this before construction.

 Can you provide me with a quote?
 Yes. Please contact us first.

About Terms of Transactions

 What are your payment terms? Do you require a payment to start the work?
 It depends on the details and amount of the contract. In any case, we have a meeting before the contract.

 Is it possible to pay in installments?

 It depends on the details of the installments, so please contact us.

 Can I pay by bank draft?

 We’re sorry, no.


  Is it true there are some 3,000 types of hot springs?
 Hot springs (spring qualities) are roughly classified into 10 categories.
(1) Simple hot spring
(2) Carbon dioxide spring
(3) Hydrogen carbonate spring
(4) Chloride spring
(5) Iodine-containing spring
(6) Sulfate spring
(7) Iron-containing spring
(8) Sulfur spring
(9) Acidic spring
(10) Radioactive spring
Spring qualities are subdivided within these 10 categories, and there are approximately 1,000 types in total. There is also pH value (alkali – neutral – acidic), which is very important. In addition, there are free components, so you can see that there are quite a lot of types even though they are all called “hot springs.” To explain it in a way that is easy to understand, even at the world famous Atami Onsen, there are strong salt springs that are almost the same as seawater as well as simple hot springs with no salt at all. There are also complex springs such as those that are a mix of a salt spring and an iron-containing spring. Naturally, if the components of a hot spring are different, the damage to spa facilities will also be different and the effects and efficacy for users will be different as well. Identification, knowledge, and experience with hot spring components become very important.

 Is there a peak season for you?

 It is relatively busy before mid-August and the end of the year.
(As of June 30, 2020)

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